In 1986, Christine graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA, specializing in Commerce. She became a Certified Management Accountant in 1990. Her broad-based experience includes working in manufacturing, the public sector, agriculture, and long-term care.

In 2008, she started offering her unique brand of services to medium and small businesses. The initials of her name, CLB, stand for “Changing Life & Business” – an appropriate reference to what she does. Whether it is in a consulting session, teaching a client how to maneuver accounting software, reviewing or processing financial data, the common thread to all the services she offers is guidance. Her goal is to empower clients and help them make mindful decisions to move their businesses forward.

Christine Lynne Bowman CPA


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CLB stands for “Changing Life & Business.” For Christine, bookkeeping and accounting are much more than the alignment of numbers; they are paths to achieving balance in your professional life, which can enhance your personal fulfillment as well.

A stickler for accuracy when it comes to her clients’ financial matters, Christine is also comfortable in her right brain and approaches her duties with a holistic attitude.

“I do more than keep books,” she says. “If you want a data entry person, you can hire someone to sit there and type. To me, holistic means that we take into consideration more than your business; we also look at how it fits into your life. A lot of issues can go along with book work; I believe in addressing them and going forward with the business in a positive way.”

This approach may take one of several forms, depending on what the client needs. Christine comes in with no preconceived notions. She is a trustworthy sounding board who has perfected the fine art of listening.

She is also skilled at breaking down a business into categories to determine how each element is performing. “When we do this, owners see more clearly that growing one segment or eliminating another would be beneficial. We look at the whole and the pieces of that whole. In many ways, I’m a teacher; I show people how to use their numbers. Financials are a tool that can help gauge success.”

Christine is both optimistic and realistic. “Often, what’s needed is a change of perception. I guide clients in altering their frame of reference of a situation. I believe in empowering the business owner – after all, it’s YOUR business. CLB becomes a member of your team.”

CLB offers 3 levels of service:

  1. Change management
  2. Accounting
  3. Bookkeeping

Sample Scenarios


Her intuitive insight assists with successful changes in businesses.
According to Christine…
When working with clients, it is important to identify both the surface and root issues of a scenario. Surface issues can be readily identified, addressed and resolved. The root is often more difficult to recognize, yet if this issue remains unresolved, any recommendations made and implemented are band-aids and work only in the short term. The following are a few scenarios with clients who, while working with me, have identified the resurface and root issues, and have implemented the necessary changes to obtain the desired outcomes.

Take responsibility for your business
One of my clients had gone through an extensive audit with Revenue Canada, only to find that proper accounting policies had not been adhered to when his bookkeeping was completed. The price of this was devastating. After a couple of meetings, we identified surface issues. We installed up-to-date accounting software, and CLB assumed the bookkeeping duties. The client took the time to learn more about accounting policies and procedures – not to actually perform the bookkeeping function, but to have a better understanding, right up to the financial statements. Bookkeeping is timely, and time is not always available to a business owner, but as this client realized, when done correctly, it is an important indicator of how the business is performing.

With new systems in place, a few lessons in accounting 101 and changing tax-preparation providers, the business was able to ride through a very difficult time financially. The root of all of this is power. The owner regained control over the financial aspects of the business and found a new, more reliable associate. That owner now asks questions and takes responsibility for all aspects of the business. By handing over power to individuals who were not working in his best interest, the client was not aware of the problems occurring until Revenue Canada completed the random audit. Today, the company keeps current in its bookkeeping activity, the audit is complete, and the balance of power has been restored.

You CAN do it all, but why would you?
The second client represents an entirely different scenario. A successful small local company was approached and ultimately purchased by a multi-million-dollar US company. The business owner now faced an ever-changing list of requirements to set up the merger and grow the Canadian office. The owner and I met and identified systems and structures that were needed. Unlike the previous scenario, the owner was always very “in tune” with the financial function. As the demands of the US grew, however, time become a scarce commodity and he had to let go of the accounting function. Together we updated software, hired a payroll provider and established specific timetables and deadlines to ensure that all the bookkeeping was being completed in a timely and accurate manner.

The root issue with this client was/is communication/cooperation. In order for this constant expansion to be successful, the cooperation of the team and keeping the lines of communication open are paramount. Changes are immediately identified and relayed to the accounting function, so the owner still has the power, but also the confidence that policies and procedures are being adhered to. This company has gone through many changes in a short time period. Staff has doubled and office space is at a premium. There is an underlying agreement among the staff to be open with regard to communication. Each member of the team is kept up to date, everyone’s input is respected and as a result, the constant changes have been much more manageable for everyone.

If you want a new kitchen, get a new kitchen!
In 2009, I met with a new client who wanted to grow her business. I did a financial analysis for her and then heard nothing. In 2011, I contacted her and discovered that her business hadn’t progressed at all. We redid her numbers, and I said, “You don’t really want to do this. What do you want to do?” She said, “I want to remodel my kitchen.” I said, “Do it.” Growing her business would have meant taking on debt that would make the renovation unrealistic. I suggested that she upgrade her existing business to be more efficient. We found ways to do that, and she was able to get work going on the new kitchen.

Why Hire Christine?

  • Experience financial guidance in its purest organic form.
  • Work with someone who thinks out-of-the-spreadsheet when it comes to addressing challenges.
  • Relax with Christine’s patient, kind manner and her refreshing sense of humour.
  • Look at your business in a new light, using your financials as a tool for improvement.
  • Benefit from Christine’s extensive background and experience base.
  • Enjoy peace-of-mind, knowing that Christine has earned a reputation for honesty and integrity.


Christine’s expertise combined with her relaxed, comfortable approach creates a professionalism that has earned her the ongoing support and respect of many clients.

“Working with Christine has been very rewarding due to the fact that she is extremely communicative. She is very knowledgeable, honest and professional in providing my business with supportive needs in both the financial and business decision making.”

“The knowledge and experience that Christine Bowman of CLB brings to the table, would be highly recommended to anyone in search of help to guide and advise them in their business. Definitely a sound choice!”

Brian Gillanders Jr.
Gilldercroft Furniture

Christine’s methodical approach helps make the necessary aspects of running a business more understandable and less intimating. Christine is easy to work with and can easily be reached when needed. These things help her clients to their own jobs with more efficiency and confidence.

Dawn Fawns
Nedd-Con Enterprises
Newmarket, ON

“Christine has really helped me organize my small business so that it is much more efficient. She always takes the time to explain things making even the most complicated stuff seem simple. She is flexible, understanding, and works hard to make sure things are done properly.”

“I use Christine to help me with my bookkeeping which she truly excels at, and often our conversations go beyond the numbers as she really helps to bring clarity to the focus of my business. She is creative, intuitive and concentrates on my strengths allowing me to expand into the direction I truly want to go in.”

Michelle Farwell
3H Facilitation
Stouffville ON

Christine approaches her business relationships with the same qualities she lives her life; Christine values and practices confidentiality, competence and caring.

Dr. Anne Fraser, President,
Fraser Education
Uxbridge, Ontario