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CLB stands for “Changing Life & Business.” For Christine, bookkeeping and accounting are much more than the alignment of numbers; they are paths to achieving balance in your professional life, which can enhance your personal fulfillment as well.

A stickler for accuracy when it comes to her clients’ financial matters, Christine is also comfortable in her right brain and approaches her duties with a holistic attitude.

“I do more than keep books,” she says. “If you want a data entry person, you can hire someone to sit there and type. To me, holistic means that we take into consideration more than your business; we also look at how it fits into your life. A lot of issues can go along with book work; I believe in addressing them and going forward with the business in a positive way.”

This approach may take one of several forms, depending on what the client needs. Christine comes in with no preconceived notions. She is a trustworthy sounding board who has perfected the fine art of listening.

She is also skilled at breaking down a business into categories to determine how each element is performing. “When we do this, owners see more clearly that growing one segment or eliminating another would be beneficial. We look at the whole and the pieces of that whole. In many ways, I’m a teacher; I show people how to use their numbers. Financials are a tool that can help gauge success.”

Christine is both optimistic and realistic. “Often, what’s needed is a change of perception. I guide clients in altering their frame of reference of a situation. I believe in empowering the business owner – after all, it’s YOUR business. CLB becomes a member of your team.”

CLB offers 3 levels of service:

  1. Change management
  2. Accounting
  3. Bookkeeping